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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 8 The Humidifier

Jaundice Mutton is planning this year's Mutton Family Picnic. While she is sorely disappointed that her favorite nephew, Handsome Harry Mutton, won't be present, Les is delighted. Before Les can even breathe a sigh of relief. Handsome Harry happily informs Jaundice that he can, in fact, attend. Newly hired as the Fair City Weatherman, Harry is replacing a very bitter and unphotogenic Dependable Dirby Dinkle. Unbeknownst to all , the weather is always fair in Fair City because Dirby has been creating it! But now he's become the newly dubbed, The Humidifier, an evil villan determined not only to curse Fair City with more than its fair share of bad weather, but to ruin Harry's new career. Meanwhile Harry, who is staying at the Mutton home, commands even Sally's attentions. Plagued by his mother's obsession that he be more like Harry, never mind a bad case of allergies, Les is losing it. As the weather front worsens Zeroman struggles to help secure the city, but is frazzled wh

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