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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 7 Son of Zeroman

A mysterious young boy named Sonny comes to town claiming to be the Man of Zeal's offspring. Zeroman is childishly delighted at the possibility of being a father, and having someone with whom he can share his secret. He ignores Ty's protests that Zeroman, for obvious reasons, can't possibly have a son. He is equally oblivious to Gary's jealous outbursts, and his feelings of abandonment. Sonny is actually Rusty Woodenwater in full disguise, making a desperate attempt to inherit the Supersuit. While Ty tries to figure out this complex situation, Gary tracks the happy duo as they take part in father-son activities, finally throwing a fit at Fair Balls Stadium in front of Zeroman and Sonny. Meanwhile, Rusty is truly growing close to Zeroman, and feels that he's found the father figure he never had. Rusty even tells Don and Ron to cancel the original plan as he's happy just the way it is. Once Zeroman has become Sonny's official guardian, he reveals his true identity to Rust

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