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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 4 Artificial Intolerance

Les' misfortune with women hits a new low when Sally Uberchik tells him that she may leave town for a new job. Les is too oblivious to see that Sally is genuinely interested in him, and that all she wants is one little sign that she should stay. While escorting her to the high school reunion, Les is about to take a shot at convincing her to stay when trouble erupts. Two revenge-seeking nerds, Blaine & Dwayne, unleash an attack on their former high school tormentors. In order to save the night Les ditches Sally, returning as Zeroman and in teaching the evil nerds a lesson, makes new enemies. The geeky brothers re-program their robotic girlfriend, commanding her to hunt down Zeroman and apply the kiss of death. The beautiful Ann Droid sets out on her mission, causing more problems for our hero than ever before. Zeroman wrongly assumes that this stalker knows his true identity, while Sally mistakenly believes that Les is romantically involved with her. Our hero def

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