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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 3 Supersuit and Ty Required

After shooting a commercial for a free ""Will and testi-kit"", Zeroman is determined that the time has come to find an eventual heir to the Supersuit; someone who can carry on as the protector of Fair City. He of course overlooks the obvious choices of Gary or Ty Cheese. When Ty discovers that he is not even being considered for the gig, he quits his position and storms out of the Nerve Center. Zeroman obliviously carries on auditioning other superheroes and eliminates all but three final candidates. In doing so, he alienates one of the nutbar hopefuls, Castrato. Ty and Castrato meet by chance and feeling united by Zeroman's scorn, decide to join forces. But Castrato has an ulterior motive and hypnotizes Ty with his entrancing singing voice, convincing him to steal the Supersuit. Meanwhile, the Nerve Center is failing because Zeroman has no idea how to operate the controls without Ty's help. Left wearing only his birthday suit, Zeroman slowly, but finally, realizes that something just

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