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Watch Zeroman online: Episode 2 Hamsassin

In another of Rusty's diabolical plots to ruin Zeroman and simultaneously return to TV fame, he kidnaps famous hamster actor Sammy Hamster and trains him to attack Zeroman. This voice-activated 'hamssassin' attacks upon hearing the code word ""action"" and stops when someone says ""cut"". Zeroman, an active animal lover is blind to the fact not only is his new pet hamster trying to kill him, but it is actually the one-and-only, missing Sammy Hamster. Rusty botches an elaborate plan to capture Zeroman's death on camera and is desperately scrambles to come up with another scheme before this golden opportunity escapes him. Fortunately, he has programmed Sammy to become a ticking time bomb upon hearing the code word ""key"" and Zeroman is conveniently about to receive the key to the city. During the ceremony the Sammy-bomb is activated, but thanks to Ty, Zeroman has the opportunity to reluctantly toss away the hamster before it blows up in his face. The bomb explodes, and Zeroman mourns his fur

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