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Having fallen prey to an evil trap set by Rusty, Zeroman's greatest weakness is exposed; anti-static sheets. These clingy items wreak havoc on Zeroman's Supersuit causing his powers to fail him and run amok. Severely weakened, Zeroman manages to escape but eventually collapses on a random citizen's doorstep. It turns out to be his own home and Jaundice Mutton, Zeroman's Number 1 Obsessed Fan, takes in her hero, vowing to nurse him back to health. Her techniques are radical to say the least. While Zeroman is a prisoner in his own home, Ty is tracking him down, meanwhile Rusty, with corrupt police chief Helga's assistance, has moved into City Hall. Inevitably the city becomes chaotic, and new ""Mayor Rusty"" is furious that, the missing Zeroman is still getting more attention than he does. The whole affair comes to a climax when Zeroman escapes wearing his mother's girdle only to come face to face with Rusty and his goons, Don & Ron. Even though the man of zeal has recovered his streng

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