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What is Catch Phrase about?
Welcome to the Catch Phrase guide at TV Tome. Take Concentration without the numbers & you have Catch Phrase. Two contestants (one a returning champ) competed. First, a dollar amount was determined by random flashing lights in 9 boxes (IE; $25-$200). Then a picture puzzle would start. The first player to buzz in with the right answer places the money in the pot & tries to guess the Super Catch Phrase. The Super Catch Phrase had 9 boxes & the contestant would choose one, if the player solves the Super Catch Phrase, the player would win all the money in the pot. Each subsequent rounds increased the dollar values & the person with the most money won the game & played the bonus round. The bonus round had 25 squares lettered A-Y. The contestant picks any letter & had 60 seconds to solve 5 catch phrases in a line either across, up & down or diagonally (oops, wrong show) to win the prize. The center square (M) was the toughest catch phrase

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