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Tony Stark, makes you feel
He's the cool exec
With a heart of steel
As Iron Man all jets a-blaze
He's fighting and smiting with repulsor rays
Amazing armor, it's Iron Man
A blaze of power, It's Iron Man! The Invincible Iron Man follows the adventures of Tony Stark, a playboy and weapons designer who made his fortune designing weapons for the U.S. government. While in Vietnam he was injured in an explosion and shrapnel embedded in his chest near his heart. Captured by a local Communist warlord, Stark managed to design a transistorized suit of armor that not only gave him a portable life support unit for his heart but contained a number of miniaturized weapons, as well as providing him with enhanced strength and protection. After escaping, Stark returned to the U.S. and pretended to be his own anonymous bodyguard. As "Iron Man," Stark battled Ultimo, the Black Knight, and the Crimson Dynamo, but his primary opponent was the Mandarin, a Chinese warlord who wielded te

Actors: Peg Dixon, Paul Soles, John Vernon
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation
Season 1
    Episode 3: Ultimo  
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