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Watch Mr Terrific online: Episode 1 Matchless

A foreign scientist named Petrov has offered to sell his Portable Power Paralyzer, a compact device that can immobilize any machine, to the U.S. Government's Bureau of Secret Projects for $30,000. On board a non-stop train to Washington DC the BSP agent trailing Petrov is killed, so Bureau Chief Barton J. Reed calls a Purple Alert summoning service station owner Stanley Beamish to take the power pill that turns him into Mr. Terrific. Stanley uses his terrific powers to board the train and unknowingly receives the device when Petrov switches matchbooks with him. Stanley then mistakes a toy salesman for his contact and pays 30 grand for a simple child's doll. The matches change hands a few times before Stanley's partner Hal winds up with them and is subsequently captured by a beautiful foreign agent named Mala. Stanley uses his back up ""booster"" pills to catch up with the bad guys, rescue Hal and recover the Paralyzer.

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