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For those severe Internet-based critics who fear Elmo has gone too far and completely taken over Sesame Street, the Children's Television Workshop crafted the first-ever ancient reruns of the show when Noggin was launched in 1999. These sequels have run under various titles, among them Open Sesame, Sesame Street Unpaved, 123 Sesame Street (often confused with Sesame Too) and Play with Me Sesame, which are a trip for most down memory lane. Continuation of this last series is up in the air, much the way all other Children's Television Workshop productions were taken off Noggin (or, as they like to call themselves, The N) in 2003.

Actors: Emilio Delgado, Kevin Clash, Carroll Spinney, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Jim Henson, Fran Brill, Frank Oz, Loretta Long, Bryant Young, Martin P. Robinson, Bob McGrath, Brian Muehl, Linda Bove
Genre: Children
Season 1
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