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What is Zero One (1962) about?
Welcome to the Zero One (1962) guide at TV Tome. Zero One was a show produced by BBC and MGM Television. The show had a three-year run, airing 39 black-and-white episodes from 1962-1965. The show had a list of many different writers and directors, and focused on the adventures of Alan Garnett: Head Of Airline Security; Jimmy Delaney: Garnett's Assistant; and Maya: their secretary. The show was based on cases of an Airline Detective, and the experiences of Donald Fish.

Actors: William Smith, Katya Douglas, Nigel Patrick

Season 1 of Zero One (1962)

    Episode 3: The Liar  
    Episode 19: Discord  

Season 2 of Zero One (1962)

Season 3 of Zero One (1962)

    Episode 4: The Body  
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