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Watch Odd Man Out online: Episode 12 What About Bob?

Andrew and Keith plan to create a Web site selling inside information on what women want from men. They want to sell it to Bob, a very successful businessman and good friend of Andrew's deceased father. However, after the guys get excited about the idea, Bob informs them that he will buy it after they attend business school. Later, Andrew and Keith take a standardized personality test to determine their future careers. Andrew is disappointed to learn that he is qualified to be an aroma-therapist. Andrew gets upset when Bob seems to pursue Julia romantically. After Andrew disrupts Bob and Julia's date in a coffee shop, Julia explains to him and Bob that she does not want to date anyone right now. Later, she tells Andrew that he is going to have to accept that she will date men. She also informs him, to his delight, that his test scores are identical to his father's.

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