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Watch Odd Man Out online: Episode 5 You've Got Female

Keith enlists Andrew's help in a ""foolproof"" plan to get girls interested in him. Since the school's all-star quarterback doesn't know how to use the school's e-mail system, Keith plans to write romantic messages to girls using the quarterback's screen name, Goldenarm. Keith reads the directory and selects what he thinks is a girl's name, S.B. Tigress, based on personal information in the computer user's profile. Neither Andrew nor Keith knows the true identity of S.B. Tigress. Since Keith does not understand anything about the opposite sex, Andrew writes soulful messages for his friend. After an exchange of six messages, Keith obtains a copy of the access codes for the school's intranet. The boys soon discover that the girl Andrew is writing to is really his sister Paige. Andrew arranges a meeting between Goldenarm and S.B. Tigress. But while Keith waits for Paige, Val arrives instead--wearing makeup. Val was using Paige's profile to write to the quarterback! Meanwhile, Jordan admits

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