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Welcome to the Scattegories guide at TV Tome. One of the most popular home board games of the early 1990s was "Scattegories," where contestants had to list as items in a category starting with a particular letter. In late 1992, some bright bird brain at NBC decided the board game would make a wonderful game show. Thus, Scattegories was born. This short-lived show was actually quite a bit of fun, but awful execution and a disorganized, slapped-together look doomed the show to a short run. Two teams of four contestants each - one all males and the other all females, and one a returning championship team - competed. Host Clark announced a category (e.g., something found under a little boy's bed); the team chosen to go first was given a letter (e.g., G). The team had 20 seconds to list up to six items in that category (they had to give at least four to advance to the next part of the round). Each appropriate response worth 1 point. The opposing team could then challenge
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