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Welcome to the Pass the Buck (US) guide at TV Tome. Centering a game show around naming items in a given category was nothing new. After all, Family Feud had a long, successful run doing so. But there were still interesting quirks about Pass the Buck, a short-lived Feud-styled contest from the spring of 1978 hosted by verenable game show host Bill Cullen. Four contestants, including possibly a returning champion, competed. A bank of $100 was started, and Cullen announced a subject (e.g., "Options you might order when buying a new car," or "Things found at the bank"). One at a time and starting with the returning champion, each player gave an item that fit the subject, adding $25 for each acceptable answer. For instance, automatic transmission, extended warranty and power steering were good answers for the car question; while money, tellers and robber would add cash for the bank question. However, players were placed in danger of elimination from the game if they gave an
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