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Welcome to the Pacific Drive guide at TV Tome. Pacific Drive is a half-hour show produced in Queensland, Australia. It is set in the now Warner studios. The locations are taken from the beautiful Gold Coast. The show is set around a fictitious famous family called the Kingsley. Sonia Kingsley is run over and dies in the first episode. The story begins with a good cop investigating Sonia's death. You will never guess who killed her..........

Actors: André Eikmeier, Virginia Hey, Grant Bowler, Christine Stephen-Daly, Danielle Spencer, Mouche Phillips, Ross Newton, Adrian Lee, Steve Harman, Katy Charles, Lloyd Morris, Brigit Kelly, Melissa Tkuatz, Peter Kowits, Alex Petersons, Rebekah Elmaloglue, Jason Langley,
Season 1
    Episode 51: Grief  
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