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Welcome to the Ripcord guide at TV Tome. The youthful heroes of this series literally jumped into a new adventure every week. Ted and Jim ran Ripcord Inc., which taught skydiving and also hired out for rescues, recovery work, and other situations where parachutists were needed. Often they landed right in the middle of a crime in progress, and solved that too-- who would expect the good guys to come floating down out of the sky? Chuck was their original pilot, replaced midway through the first season by Charlie Kern. The series featured a lot of spectacular skydiving scenes, including one involving a fistfight in midair (shot by a cameraman in free-fall with the stuntmen.) At one point, two planes accidentally crashed while filming scenes for the program. With a little script adjustment, the footage of the crash was later used in the series.

Actors: Shug Fisher, Ken Curtis, Larry Pennell, Paul Comi
Season 1
    Episode 6: Hi-Jack  
    Episode 10: Darb  
    Episode 12: Log Jam  
    Episode 17: Escape  
    Episode 60: Willie  
    Episode 75: Expose  
Season 2
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