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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 1 The Return of Dregg

The Turtles are working on once and for all ridding themselves of their mutations, Donatello makes use of a Virtual Reality Program to test out the effects of a potential cure he has created using the Vortex Crystals. On his home-world, Dregg schemes to return to earth, his chief scientist, Mungg presents the villian with micro-bugs capable of creating advanced machinery in seconds rather than days or months, as well as track down the Vortex Crystals presently being used on earth. Back on earth, Donatello tryies out his cure on both himself and the rest of the TMNT for real. It works, well, at least on MOST of the green machine, one of the microbugs Dregg sent to earth to find the vortex crystals, has located the source at the lair. Unseen, it steals one of the crystals just as Leonardo receives treatment for his own mutation. The experiment goes without a hitch, and Leonardo seems fine until later, when he suddenly mutates and goes on a rampage across New York. April, Investigating a

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