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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 26 Combat Land

There is a new amusement park in town and it is called COMBAT LAND. So says the fliers that are being passed all over town inviting all comers to ""test their skills against the greatest robot warrior in history and beyond"" at tomorrow's grand opening. While covering the story of the grand opening of Combat Land, April, Irma and Vernon discover that there may be no grand opening until the robotic warriors have been fully tested. It seems that the park's owner, Horatio Stressbar, has been unable to find anyone with the combat skills to give his robotic warriors a thorough work out. April, concerned about getting her story on the air, offers the services of the Turtles. After being introduced to Mr. Stressbar and Denton Nulcet, the chief robotic engineer, the Turtles are informed that they will not be allowed to use their weapons in Combat Land. The Turtles reluctantly agree and are issued ""safety"" weapons to battle against the robotic warriors. The Turtles immediately decide to split

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