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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 10 Phantom of the Sewers

(This synopsis is credited to After another night's performance of the robotic Willie Wombat Revue at the Willie Wombat Revue Theatre (WWPPT), a mysterious figure, wearing a long black cape, black fedora, white face mask, and known only as the PHANTOM, makes an appearance, terrifying alarmed patrons. An irate Rufus Higby, owner of WWPPT, orders his henchmen to get him. When April reports from the scene, a very nervous Rufus Higby tells her that it was merely a publicity stunt. The Turtles that are watching April's report down in their lair think Higby's story is fishy and decide they should investigate. While the Turtles traverse the sewers and remark about how high the underground river seems to be, they encounter the Phantom and give chase, but ultimately lose him. Later, with the aid of a tracking device, the TMNT are able to locate the Phantom's lair. It appears that the Phantom has opened all the flood gates and is generating hydroelectric energy -- but to what e

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