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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 5 The Sword of Yurikawa

(Synopsis credited to We open our story with April reporting from the Japanese Embassy about their latest historical artifact exhibit -- the Sword of Yurikawa. But this is not just any sword -- this sword was once owned by Splinter's ninja master. Apparently, the katana has amazing and powerful attributes. Splinter fears that if it were to fall in to the wrong hands, dire consequences would ensue. He orders the Turtles to go to the museum to guard the sword. Meanwhile, Krang's crazy scheme this week is to blow up the Tri-State Bridge just as a convoy of trucks carrying a ""rare form of toxic waste"" passes overhead. The toxic waste will spill into the harbor and upon contact with the sludge at the bottom of the river, create a race of MUD MUTANTS. Then, Krang will use his Mindbender Ray to make the Mud Mutants obey his every command. Meanwhile, Shredder learns about the ancient Sword of Yurikawa, now on exhibit at the Japanese Embassy, leaves the Technodrome and heads f

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