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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 1 Rock Around the Block

Krang summons General Tragg from the Dimension X to keep the Turtles busy (with a Rockolizer - a device that ""vitalizes"" anything made of mineral - i.e. turns inanimate rocks into animate rocks) while Shredder places a remote control transmitter upon a rocket ship preparing to launch a satellite with a new Super Laser. It is Krang's intention to steal the Super Laser and uses it to free the Technodrome from its arctic prison. While rushing across town to cover a report of ""rocks going wacko"", April gets trapped in her van, almost falling into an enourmous crater left by a boulder which exploded out of the earth. The Turtles rescue her. Fortunately, April had contacted the Turtles before heading off to the Central City Park - site of the ""wacko rocks."" Meanwhile, Shredder arrives at the launch site and prepares to attach Krang's remote control device onto the Super Laser. Back across town, the Turtles and April come across General Tragg and realize that Krang and Shredder must be up to

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