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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 21 Planet of the Turtleoids (1)

The TMNT are on the prowl in the city, their target: a good Pizzeria, when they stumble onto by a sumo wrestler breaking into a pet shop, his name is Tattoo, who constantly, mumbles something about ""going home"", the turtles attempt to subdue the colossal opponent, but to their surprise, tattoo is able to elude them by morphing into a hamster and fleeing.. The turtles are quick to suspect Shredder and Krang of this little event, and indeed, they are correct, the diabolical duo have been experimenting with the mutagen again, unleashing newly created mutant menaces upon the city so as to acquire a ruby krang believes will be sufficient in empowering his heat ray with which he'll use to free the technodrome from it's icy cage! Shredder journeys to central park to acquire a lion and a bull to mutate, but rocksteady and bebop's usual bungling inadvertently causes a Mole and a Bull to transform. Creating Groundchuck and Dirtbag! Shredder, a little miffed that this was NOT what he wanted, deci

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