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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 5 Enter Mutagen Man

(Synopsis credited to Ninja In the frozen tundra of the Arctic Polar Cap, Krang rants and raves that Rocksteady and Bebop will not return in time with the ""Bindex 3"" to load the mutagen into the rocket ship's fuel tanks before lift off. This is Krang's latest scheme and it is designed to turn all the City's inhabitants into horribly disfigured mutants from the vapor trails of the fuel used to lift the rocket off the launch pad and send it into space. Rocksteady and Bebop screwed up. While everyone is arguing about it, a messenger known as Seymour Gutz, from the Fly By Night messenger Service, arrives with a letter for The Touch of Romance Flower Shop. No one knows how he got into their ""hideout"" so Rocksteady and Bebop start blasting at him to encourage him to leave. Suddenly, the catwalk that Seymour is standing on is hit by laser fire and he falls into the vat of mutagen and literally ""goes to pieces"". After creating a special suit that ""holds"" his body together, Krang a

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