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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 34 Splinter Vanishes

If the episode title alone doesn't give away this tale's synopsis, I'll gladly provide it: SPLINTER'S GONE! Returning from another mission, the TMNT are shocked to discover their mentor has left the lair, leaving behind only a video taped message. Playing the message, the TMNT are informed by their mentor that he has taught them all he knows, and it is time for him to leave them, and for the green machine to grasp their own destinies and go their OWN separate ways. (GASP!) The Turtles decide to take this final advice and dis-unite. Michangelo lands a job as a TV cook, Donatello works in a fix-it shop (But ""Tool Time"" he ain't), Leonardo works at a Fitness Centre, and Raphael sacrifices his self-respect to entertain kids at birthday parties. Back in the Sewers, his rodent majesty the Rat King decides to take advantage of the Turtle's separation and teams up with his one-time enemy Leatherhead to cause some mischief. The two rouges scheme to create an army of Robo Rats and Android Alliga

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