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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 10 Name That Toon

Krang interrupts all TV programs to announce that if Earth does not supply him with enough power for the Technodrome, he will vaporize one square mile of the City within the hour. Krang designed a Dematerializer using micro chips from an alien computer that Shredder found on a spaceship. While Rocksteady and Bebop are cleaning up the rest of the material from the spaceship, they discard an electronic keyboard, that is still connected to the alien computer, through the Earth portal. The keyboard ends up in a secondhand store in the city. Howie Hardy, an out-of-work composer, and Irma are shoppping around for a keyboard for him and come across the one in the second hand store that came from Dimenxion X. They decide to buy it. Meanwhile, the Turtles spot a portal opening from their portal activity detector. They think that this somehow connected with Krang's plan so they set out to investigate. They discover that the keyboard is the object that came through the portal, but they are too la

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