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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 21 Green with Jealousy

Krang sets his sights on a powerful Nuclear-Powered Submarine, believing it's fuel will be more than enough to re-power the technodrome, and this time he's going to deal with the turtles himself, through something they could never hope to resist. LOVE. Creating a love potion, Krang tells Shredder to lace the potion on the next pizza the turtles chow down on. Upon consuming the pizza, The TMNT will fall madly in love with the first woman that comes into eye contact with them. They'll be so busy fighting each other over that woman, that the villains will be able to take all the fuel they require. Following the green machine to a local pizza eatery, Shredder accomplishes this task. All the turtles tuck in, except for Donatello, who is driving the turtle van at this time, The potion is as good as Krang predicted, as the three turtles infected with the love potion all fall in love with the same woman..who, unfortunately, turns out to be ERMA! The only hope now is for Donatello to come up...

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