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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 9 Splinter No More

Sensing Master Splinter's despair at his new life as a rat, the Turtles agree to use the small amount of mutagen that they have left to concoct a formula that will revert Splinter back into Yoshi. The experiment is a success and Yoshi decides to take a stroll, as a human, through the city. Meanwhile, April is reporting Public Service Announcements from the local library when spies Rocksteady and Bebop. She immediately contacts the Turtles, who are depressed by the possibility that Master Splinter/Yoshi may never return and jump at the chance to divert their attention. Besides, they suspect that Shredder must be nearby. The TMNT head straight for the Library, and sure enough, encounter Shredder and company, who of course, escape. However, they leave a clue behind. It seems that Shredder has stumbled onto a spell that will enable him to open a portal to any dimension he chooses. The Turtles find a reference to a temple in an old subway terminal somewhere under the city that acts as a nex

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