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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 5 Curse of The Evil Eye

The Turtles are still on the search for the last fragment but unfortunately shredder finds the very last fragment and connects all three to his helmet and uses it as a deadly weapon but a battle with the turtles causes shredder to use the helmet however it ends up in the hands a former employee of April's tv crew who soon discovers it's power, but Baxter finds him and take the helmet. Shredder discovers that Baxter is also looking for the helmet so he leaves. Baxter even tries to make a monster out of gold but discovers that the eye doesn't work on anything that is made of that substance. Shredder is able to wrest back control of the helmet from baxter, and he creates an army of giant golems at the san fracisco bridge. The Turtles discover that the fragments are becoming dangerously unstable, and they race to tell the villain to rid himself of the eye before it explodes! Shredder, of course, doesn't believe thier story and orders his golems to attack the turtles. The eye finally begins

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