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Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 online: Episode 2 The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

While practicing their martial arts in Central Park, the Turtles witness an alien spaceship crash into a small pond. The Turtles dive in and rescue the pilot, and he warns them that they must find the "Three Fragments of the Eye of Zarnof" - three peices of his space ship. The alien tells the Turtles that when the three pieces are joined together, they will bestow power unknown to any earthling. He gives them a Crystal Converger to help them locate the ""Three Fragments"" before they fall into the wrong hands. And then he vaporizes. But not before Shredder has overheard and seen all of the above. Shredder, once again, contacts Krang for reinforcements, but Krang reminds him that he will get no help from the Foot Soldiers until he can deliver the Turtles on a platter before him.

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