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Watch The 1900 House online: Episode 4 The End of an Era

The final hour of the series opens with the Bowler family sitting playing cards and reading the paper, their few means of entertainment. They decide to go out to a historical pageant in the entertainment district just outside Elliscombe Road. The energy provided from the outing convinces Joyce and Kathryn to audition for the revue. They learn that in 1900, girls in the theater equated to prostitution, but they err on the side of Women's Lib for this outing. Joyce has two problems: One, she's lost a crown on her tooth. She has the option of using the Dentist's office, 1900s style which includes a very primitive and painful drill, but she chooses the modern day equipment instead. Her other problem is the maid, Elizabeth, who has begun arriving later and later for work. Elizabeth is actually at the library today, researching maids in Victorian era Britain. Joyce decides to end Elizabeth's employment, but via the mail. Joyce and Kathryn perform the sketch and song they wrote in Episode 3 a

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