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You never know when your life can be changed forever, in a moment of impact. Discovery Health Channels-Impact: Stories of Survival is a reality show based on actual life-threatening cases where the victim goes through a sudden moment of impact. Taped documents, re-enactments, computerized animation, and interviews with surgeons, doctors, and the victims themselves takes viewers through the full step by step process of the victims impact, treatment, and recovery. The show allows viewers to fully understand the cause and severity of impact on the human body, as well as being able to watch as the victim fights against all odds by using his or her own will to survive and fully recover. "Impact: Stories of Survival" airs at 8:00 P.M. Easter and Pacific time, on the Discovery Health Channel. The Show is rated PG for Parental Guidance, and contains some graphic material, so viewer discretion is advised. The show is currently casting. If you or someone you know survived a serious i

Actors: Wally Wingert, Thom Beers, Bill Ratner
Genre: Reality
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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