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What is 3's a Crowd about?
Welcome to the 3's a Crowd guide at TV Tome. In this triangle where "The Newlywed Game Meets Jerry Springer", it's the game show where who knew their husband better. His wife or his secretary. Three teams competed. The show started with the husbands as Jim Peck asked three questions to them. Then the secretaries came out & tried to match the answers of how thier bosses respond. Then their wives came out & did the same of how their husband responded. The team with the most matches (secretaries or wives) split $1,000 ($333.33 or $166.67 if both wives & secretaries tied). The husbands only got lovely parting gifts + a small inexpensive prize (i.e., luggage). The prospect of riotous showdowns between the contestants within a team lead GSN (or Game Show Network, as it was then called) to revive 3's a Crowd in 2000. Its product, The All New 3's a Crowd, did not limit itself to husband-secretary-wife teams. No, this version went all out, looking for comb

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