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Welcome to the Radio Karate guide at TV Tome. Radio Karate was aired in 2003 on Channel 31 in Melbourne. C31 is a community television station which allows people of all ages to access there services, learn television skills, whether it is on screen or behind the scenes. C31 receives minimal government funding and relies on donations and sponsors. C31 has been the training ground for many people that you see on television today, it allows those with ambition either hosting, writing, directing, producing WHATEVER to have to opportunity. .
It is because these young guys had to the opportunity to access C31 that their talents were noticed and has lead to Channel Seven and a production company 'I Am Spartacus' developing the show Hamish and Andy which sees Hamish and Andy, hosting, starring and writing, Duncan writing, and Ryan writing and appearing in the 'Audience Question' segment at the end of every show.
There are only good things in store for these boys.
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