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What is Angels about?
Angels is a BBC medical soap-opera which launched on 1st September 1975 and was the blue print for such medical soaps as Casualty, Holby City, plus daytime soap, Doctors. The medical soap focuses on different departments within Heath Green Hospital and was a highly successful continuing drama. It featured familar faces from its time and had Julia Smith & Tony Holland on the production crew who would go on to create EastEnders & Eldorado. But after nine seasons and 220 episodes the BBC pulled the plug on this successful drama on 22nd December 1983. Several of the actors and actresses that featured in the show did indeed go on to have regular roles in EastEnders.

Actors: Lesley Dunlop, Tony Armstrong, Shirely Cheriton, Kathryn Apanowicz, Judith Jacob, Juliet Waley, Fiona Fullerton, Sharon Rosita, Ann Hasson, Carol Holmes, Julia Williams, Ian MacKenzie, Alan Pope, Herbet Norville, Stephen MacDonnald, Debroah Manship, Julie Dawn Cole, St

Season 1 of Angels

    Episode 1: Arrival  
    Episode 4: Staff  
    Episode 5: Off Duty  
    Episode 7: Nights  
    Episode 12: Interim  
    Episode 13: Linda  

Season 2 of Angels

    Episode 2: Vocation  
    Episode 3: Ambition  
    Episode 4: Legacies  
    Episode 6: Weekend  
    Episode 7: Concert  
    Episode 9: Accident  

Season 3 of Angels

    Episode 1: Solo  
    Episode 4: Decision  
    Episode 5: Patterns  
    Episode 7: Signals  
    Episode 8: Coping  
    Episode 10: Ties  
    Episode 15: Facade  

Season 4 of Angels

    Episode 4: Barriers  
    Episode 13: Values  

Season 5 of Angels

Season 6 of Angels

Season 7 of Angels

Season 8 of Angels

Season 9 of Angels

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