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Watch My Life in Film online: Episode 6 Butch and Sundance

Under pressure from the landlord to come up with the rent money, Art resorts to increasingly desperate measures to raise the cash. An attempt to defraud the bank incurs the wrath of a super-posse of postmen, forcing Art and Jones to run for the hills on their bicycles. When the landlord also gives chase, the dynamic duo seek refuge in the cinema. With nowhere left to hide, Art tries to persuade Jones to start a new life together on the Isle of Man. Legend has it the Film Commission over there just gives money away to independent, low-budget filmmakers. Jones is tempted, but refuses to leave Beth behind, so they take her with them. However, all they find on the Isle of Man is disappointment. They have no choice but to return to their old ways. Will they find the rent money before the landlord finds them?

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