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So you wanna look like your favorite celebrity? Well, it used to be people just checked out the rich and famous just to see how to dress or cut their hair. But today, its getting easier to take this infatuation with celebrities to a whole 'nother level of obsession. We're taking cosmetic plastic surgery, and in the last six years, the number of young people getting it, over two million in 2002 alone, has almost tripled. And shockingly, many of them are going under the knife to resemble their favorite stars.
How far would you go to look like a celebrity? Nose job here? Nip & tuck there? The people you are about to meet went that far and beyond. They have endured painful and sometimes risky reconstructive surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. MTV I Want a Famous Face returns to follow the transformations of twelve young people who have chosen to use plastic surgery to look like their celebrity idols. Whether it's a Pamela Anderson wanna-be or a Janet Jackson hopeful

Actors: Jessica Chesler
Genre: Reality
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 9: Jamie  
    Episode 10: Audrey  
    Episode 11: Vived  
    Episode 12: Gia  
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