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Watch Roboroach online: Episode 12 Revenge of the Fleabrain / Mite Makes Wrong

Revenge of the Fleabrain: Rube and Reg, once again, have new careers- this time as copybugs(And lunch-order-takers)at "The Vexberg Daily Dirt" Newspaper office. Rube himself gets a crush on the cunning reporter, Lotus Lane, but she gets kidnapped by the evil Heirf Leabrain (Heir Fleabrain to the public). Rube wants to help Lotus Lane, but he's just so shy around her that he can't concentrate. Concentration isn't his biggest issue when Fleabrain uses Rube's one weakness against him- Craptonite. Mite Makes Wrong: The once-famous superhero "Megamite" returns to Vexberg and Rube becomes his personal lackey! Rejecting his sidekick status to Rube, Reg goes ofto prove that Megamite is a fraud!

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