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Watch Roboroach online: Episode 4 Popsicle Pest / Weakened Gladiators

Popsicle Pest: When Rube and Reg discover a prehistoric cavebug frozen in an icecube, both of them are very excited: Rube, because he feels honoured to help the cavebug adapt to our modern ways, and Reg, because he( as Usual) wants to rake in some dough. Weakened Gladiators: Reg insults Sterling Uberbucks' girlfriend,(who, shall we say, is just a TINY bit overweight),and Uberbucks challenges him to a gladiatorial fight to the death. With Rube's training( and a little bit of armor) Reg thinks he's a sure thing to win, but when Uberbucks says Reg gets everything if he wins, he means EVERYTHING.

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