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Watch Roboroach online: Episode 1 Reg Bugs Out / Little Big Mouth

Reg Bugs Out : When Rube donates Reg's beloved T.V to the Old Bug's Home, Reg goes nuts and the Psychiatrist, Dr. Pillbug, suggests a new theory of his, that Rube and Reg should never see each other again! Reg realizes soon after Rube's departure that he can't live with him, and he can't live without him! Little Big Mouth: After taunting him on National T.V, famous bug killer Mandible Lichter goes after Reg, but Reg isn't worried, after all, he's got a super hero on his side. A super hero who's just shed his exoskeleton! Reg does his best to nurse Rube back to health before he winds up on the menu, but if Mandible comes before Rube's ready, Reg may be toast!

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