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Welcome to the Give-n-Take guide at TV Tome. From time to time, game shows that represent little more than time fillers have dotted the daytime schedule. Rote gameplay and little else signified such games. The majority of viewers and critics apparently saw Give-n-Take as such an example. Airing in the fall of 1975, this short-lived game show was a takeoff of blackjack, using prizes as the "playing cards," so to speak. Four female contestants, each seated around a large eight-space spinner (an LED display designed a la a game-board spinner), competed; each was given an up-prize to start and dollar value announced. For example, one contestant might receive a $400 women's wardrobe, while another gets a $300 air conditioner, another $250 in beauty treatments and the fourth a $550 camera package. After Johnny Jacobs described another prize (no dollar value announced this time), host Lange then read a general-knowledge question; the first to respond correctly won five spa
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