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Bravo shines the spotlight on the real lives of parents and their would-be child stars in the new original weekly series "Showbiz Moms & Dads." This six-part, one-hour series features five extraordinary families from around the country determined to find fame and fortune for their childrenno matter what the cost. "Showbiz Moms & Dads" follows each family's day-to-day struggle over the course of several months as the kids audition for television shows and commercials, rehearse music routines, compete in beauty pageants and struggle to land roles in feature films. As they make their way along the unpredictable road to fame, we'll witness the extreme measures some parents will take to make their children into stars. Whether it's an aggressive stage mom pushing her child forward, or it's a reluctant, uncertain mother whose child is the driving force, "Showbiz Moms" explores the true lives of these determined familiesand reveals stories both heartwarming and shocking. "S

Actors: Aaron Nutter, Grace Nutter, Duncan Nutter, Jr, Ellie Nutter, Emma Nutter, Cynthia Nutter, Forrest Nutter, Isaiah Nutter, Duncan Nutters, Kimberly Stephens, Brenden Tye, Debbie Tye, Emily Tye, David Tye, Susan Tye, Shane Klingensmith, Jordan Barron, Jordan
Genre: Reality
Season 1
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