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What is Blood of the Samurai: The Series about?
This series, shot and produced entirely in Hawai'i, is the direct sequel of the award-winning indie film Blood of the Samurai. Trent (Bryan Yamasaki) and Rob (Michael Ng) were ordinary guys living their ordinary lives with their girlfriends Brooke (Colleen Fujioka) and Roxy (Stephanie Sanchez). That is, until a desperate thief hid his bundle of ancient samurai swords in the back of their car. After discovering the blades, Trent and Rob discovered something else: that while the swords magically endow the wearer with mastery of the weapons, the swords themselves are cursed, possessed by their long-dead samurai owners, who, in turn, possess whoever puts the swords on... After their initial, harrowing misadventure, Trent and Rob decide to take responsibility for the blades and use their abilities for the greater good. Armed with mystical protections (in the form of Juzu bracelets, which guard them from the swords' spirits) and under the watchful eye of Sensei (Daisuke Ban), they

Actors: Daisuke Ban, Alicia Michioka-Jones, Stephanie Sanchez, Michael Ng, Bryan Yamasaki, Colleen Fujioka
Genre: Action and Adventure

Season 1 of Blood of the Samurai: The Series

Season 2 of Blood of the Samurai: The Series

    Episode 1: TBA  
    Episode 2: TBA  
    Episode 3: TBA  
    Episode 4: TBA  
    Episode 5: TBA  
    Episode 6: TBA  
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