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What is The Twelve Kingdoms about?
The story opens with the everyday life of Youko Nakajima. Upon being confronted by a mysterious stranger, Youko is made aware of her destiny and pulled away into another world. Along with two of her classmates, Sugimoto and Asano, she is abandoned on foreign shores. This begins Youko's epic journey in the Kingdom of Kei on a perilous road of espionage, terror and betrayal. The mystic world of The Twelve Kingdoms assails her with one savage challenge after another. Will Youko have the courage to embrace her destiny? Opening Song: "Juunigenmukyoku" Closing Song: "Getsumei-Fuei"

Actors: Kim Strauss, Wendee Lee, Joshua Seth, Abe Lasser, Richard Cansino, Bob Papenbrook, Joey Capps, Paul St. Peter, Kirsty Pape, Dave Wittenberg, Scott Page-Pagter, Walter Lang, Dorothy Melendrez, Kirk Thornton, Jamieson Price
Genre: Animation, Fantasy
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Season 1 of The Twelve Kingdoms

Season 2 of The Twelve Kingdoms

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Season 4 of The Twelve Kingdoms

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