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Welcome to the It Figures guide at TV Tome. Three years after ThinkAbout produced their finest hours, AIT began Phase Two of their Skills Essential to Learning Project. The earliest series to emerge from that project was It Figures. It Figures was a 28-part mathematics series for fourth graders. Each introduced real-life situations involving math concepts that can, at times, prove difficult. Often a child would get caught in the problem and not come out successfully, but experience would prove the best teacher. Capsizing the information taught in each program was a cartoon sequence by the same talents who had enlivened Eureka! These cartoons, most often, provided previews of what would follow in the live-action sequence to follow. It Figures was produced in six locations involving seven groups of children. Included were:
In rural New Jersey: Houston Tally, a boy who is just starting to learn the basics
Along the Chesapeake Bay: The Pirates, a fourth-gra

Actors: Luba Goy, Billy Van
Season 1
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