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Where to watch Eureka! (1981)
Eureka! (or, for French audiences, Eurêka!), was a cleverly-designed set of cartoons intended to teach physics. A total of 30 adventures surrounded a clever, long-nosed man in a white suit and distinctive hat. The narrator, played by the late Billy Van, taught this man principles of physics, ranging from mechanics to heat and temperature. Among the awards Eureka! has received: Ø Best Science & Math Video, Birmingham International Educational Film Festival Ø GOLD PLAQUE, American Film Festival Ø NAEB Graphic & Design Award TVO still provides videotapes of Eureka! for school audiences. It is their tribute to the people who made it work: David Stansfield, Denise Boiteau, and the late Billy Van.

Actors: Billy Van
Genre: Animation
Season 1
    Episode 1: Inertia  
    Episode 2: Mass  
    Episode 3: Speed  
    Episode 6: Gravity  
    Episode 8: Work  
Season 2
    Episode 12: Atoms  
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