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How do you do, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls? I wish to honor Prof. Julius Sumner Miller. Physics was his business. Consider the following: A 58-year-old physicist has become a celebrity, playing Professor Wonderful on the original Mickey Mouse Club. In Australia during the mid-1960s, he is known to millions as the host of Why Is It So? He has also made multiple appearances on all the talk shows. The man says he is too old for any work, any position at a major college. But he can still lecture. An offer comes from the new Western Instructional Television. In it, Miller is given a free hand. He tells audiences that he would not lecture. Rather, he would show the beauty and drama of physics through a series of demonstrations involving scientific equipment, household items, and toys. This, he said, would make physics fun for children ages 4 to 94. The whole point of these programs was, for Miller, intellectual fun. He wanted to show his audience how Nature behav

Actors: Julius Sumner Miller

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