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Where to watch Massive Landmarks Of The Twentieth Century
Massive Landmarks Of The Twentieth Century Six of the Twentieth Century's most earth shatterin' events brought to life by The National Theatre Of Brent. This short series, first aired in the UK in 1999, has garnered quite a cult following through (very) late night repeats especially in Australia where the fans have literally inundated the National Theatre Of Brent's website demanding a DVD release. Alas, to date this has yielded nothing. The series features the pantomime skills and talents of Desmond Olivier Dingle (Patrick Barlow) and the entire cast of The National Theatre Of Brent, Raymond Box (John Ramm), re-enacting six of the pivotal events of the last century, from the death of Queen Victoria, through the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Clinton/Lewinsky Affair. Although generally played for laughs - mostly centred around the fact that the two lead actors play every character in every scene with scant effort to disguise the fact - there are some quite poignant mo

Actors: John Ramm, Patrick Barlow
Season 1
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