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Welcome to the Ours is a Nice House guide at TV Tome. "The great Thora Hird starred in this show as a Lancashire boarding-house landlady named (what else?) Thora Parker. A widowed mother of two teenagers workshy son Alan and sensible though trendy daughter Vera she runs a clean, respectable house ("nice, you know, none of your tat"). "The comedy sprung from Thora Parker's all-knowing, canny housekeeping for her resident boarders, the itinerant lodgers who flitted into and then out of the weekly episodes, and friends and neighbours, like next door's Elsie Crabtree, Thora's former school buddy who was always popping around to scrounge something or other and have a natter. Thora's mother, Gran, was played by veteran comedy actress May Warden, mostly sans dentures, while one of the boarders, Alf Whittle, was played by the show's writer, Harry Littlewood." (BBC Guide to Comedy) There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.
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