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What is Beastmaster about?
Dar, the Beastmaster and last survivor of his tribe, wanders the ancient lands, seeking out his beloved Kira, defending the animals he controls, and pitting his might against various sorcerers and tyrants. Beastmaster is currently showing on the Sci-Fi channel twice a month in mini-marathons. Check the schedule on

Actors: Grahame Bond, Dylan Bierk, David Paterson, Steven Grives, Jackson Raine, Daniel Goddard, Natalie Mendoza, Monika Schnarre, Marjean Holden
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Season 1 of Beastmaster

    Episode 5: Amazons  
    Episode 20: Gemini  
    Episode 21: Rescue  

Season 2 of Beastmaster

(watch here)

Season 3 of Beastmaster

(watch here)
    Episode 5: Prize  

Season 4 of Beastmaster

(watch here)
    Episode 1:   
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